Monday, 31 May 2010

Another posting... uh, gap?

Well, what can I say? My internet connection's still patchy, so I haven't had much 'online-time' recently... Yet again. On the bright side, my dad and I changed the router frequency/channel/whatever so it should be better now, and hopefully the connection in my room will stay up.

Anyway, so, earlier today, I did Crimson Fields. I have done that dungeon more times than I can count. Well, actually I can count it. Four times, I think. The first time was on Blaze Thundershard II. I don't know if I've explained what happened with my characters yet... have I? I will anyway. To start with, almost a year ago, I had Wolf Shadowblade, a diviner who got to level 8 before I really wanted a subscription. My parents didn't want to pay out for two at first so I decided I'd just make a character on my brother's account. This I did, and Blaze Thundershard I, diviner, was born. I got him to level 12. Then Nat and I kept arguing about who could play when - because we couldn't play at the same time - and after a host of "You have been logged out because your account has been logged in elsewhere" messages, irritated arguments, and a lot of yelling, my parents caved in and bought another subscription.

Blaze Thundershard II was born and Wolf Shadowblade was deleted. He got to level 21, but he was still in the Pyramid of the Sun. I was lost in a sea of sidequests, from Wizard City, Krokotopia, and ended up doing half a questline in the Krokosphinx when I ported to a friend. In the end I started Alexandra Stormrider, and - here I am today.

Anyway, Crimson Fields. Yes, I did that as a level 8 on Blaze Thundershard II, with a little level 1 necromancer. I watched him talking to a Master in the Commons and asking to go to the Crimson Fields. Eventually the Master gave in and little death noob asked if I wanted to come with him. I said YEA! and off we went... We defeated the first boss, him leveling to level 6 amazingly fast, and then we both got caught in separate street mob battles. We fled at the same time and that was that.

The second time was when I ported to a friend who was rerunning it for XP. That was still with Blaze Thundershard II. Then I did it again with Alex, when Nat was doing it for the first time. And then I did it today! I'm absolutely sick to death of it now, and have no intention of EVER going near it again, but on the bright side...

34!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT DING YEA! (no screenshot... aww)

*ahem* Well, I'm already halfway to 35 after helping Nat with Shiritaki Temple. I've decided that I'm gonna go back and finish all my Tomb of Storms sidequests or even work on Grizzleheim before I keep on going into Shoshun Village. I need the hat. Also, I got a few FANTASTIC drops. Two master storm robes, and one awesome 35+ robe! Just what I needed. And I have a wand I need to use as well. 35 is so exciting!

Also, part four will probably be posted in the next post. Or I could preview it..? Nope, keep you all on your toes...

And the Pet Derby is awesome. I have to say, Rocky is awesome on that Marleybone track, oh yeah he is!

Go storm hound!

Anyway, unless I finish Part 4 soon-ish, then...

Diviner OUT!

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