Thursday, 22 July 2010

Looks like I've been a bit lazy...

Firstly, and most importantly: I AM SO SO SORRY THAT I HAVEN'T POSTED FOR AGES. That is, if you actually like reading this blog. I'm not gonna go into detail and give you all my excuses because that would be far too time consuming and as well as wasting words in this precious awkward comeback post it would also be just plain boring. Basically, like that sentence, but worse.

Now I've got that outta the way... UPDATION:

  • I'm still level 35. Mooshu is starting to get annoying. I haven't had much time on the game either.
  • I know the Celestia prequests are out, and that they're not obligatory, etc. etc....
  • I don't really care about the unicorn mount, because I don't like unicorns (I know, what a darn party pooper, huh?) and I'm out of crowns.
  • Part 5 was a mess and I rewrote it, so now I'm about half way through. It's still a bit sloppy and there's too much talking and not enough action and it's probably going to get confusing.
  • The Feint spell displays correctly now! You see, that's how much time I spend helping Nat.
I've planned to finish up to part 7 of my story by September, and get Alex to 40, but I'm also gonna try to get all of my alts - Autumn, Jake, Liam, Matt, Saffron, and another balance character called John Smith (it's a reference to a British TV programme about a 900-year-old alien who travels in space and time) - to level 15.

So, I think that wraps up the awkward comeback post!

Oh, and I almost forgot - throughout the summer, I'll be posting at least twice a week, so expect to hear a lot more from me, at least until September, where I go back to school, and such...

Diviner OUT!


  1. Sarah SpiritHeart27 July 2010 at 22:25

    Twice a week?
    YAY!!!! :D
    Good luck on getting up to level 40! I'm still 38 and probably won't be leveling up anytime soon.
    Anyway, they didn't submit my Part 10, but at the bottom of the stories they did submit, it says something about more stories coming up. I've been wondering about that...does it mean my story's going to be up there then? Hmm...

  2. Thanks as always, Sarah!
    I was thinking about the creative writing too - maybe they didn't get through all the submissions or something, so they're still picking the best ones to go up there - which, of course, will include your Part 10, because by now, you're more or less a featured author anyway. I can't wait to read it! Parts 8 and 9 were (I've already said this... :P) amazing and absolutely brilliant! I hope it gets up soon!


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