Friday, 1 October 2010

Oh, hey guys.

I know. It's been a while. Over a month. *guilty look* (You were right, Emma.)

I am so sorry! Seriously, since I got home from holiday, everything's been so so so so so busy! I've had so much homework in the past month... :(

You see, for the next three years or so, I've got a lot of work to do, because now is when big exams start over here, BIG future-affecting exams. And the important stuff is how well you work before you start the exams. (In normal schools this wouldn't start until next year, but my school's weird, so we do some exams next year, and some the year after, so it takes us longer... *is annoyed*)

Anyway, on a happier note, I'm going to try to post a lot more. I need some method of fun procrastination. XP And apparently there's a new 'special' questline, which I'll blog about in a different post, because I feel my reaction warrants more than a quick mention in an apology/explanation post.

So, until next time,

Diviner OUT!

P.S. I dunno what happened to Nat. He seems to have disappeared off the internet. Shame, really. He plays PS3 a lot.

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  1. Lets see. I had a comment ready to post, but I got sidetracked and copied it. Then I copied something else and I'[m like, 'shoot'. So I meant to come back and retype it but then I had to leave for that thing I had. So now I completely forget what I was gonna say. Hmmm. *looks at post*
    AH YES! About the exam thing. I only get exams in FL from last year and them in French this year. I get my big, "future effecting exams" next year.
    And is the special quest line the Selena Gomez thing??? Anyway, I won't say anything more about it. =D.


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