Monday, 6 December 2010

*awkwardly sidles into frame* *waves even more awkwardly*

Um, hi there.

Do you remember me? At all?



I’ve been quite busy. I’m sorry. I completely ignored this blog.


I should stop making excuses.

[set tone to “random”]


NaNoWriMo + (legitimate excuses^procrastination)= FAIL :(
(There’s always next year! NB: optimism x idiocy = FAIL also NB2: what I have written is terrible and I have deleted the file because it sucks so much)

(I like maths. (I am British. (Lalala.)))

STORY = no updation. BUT.

Writing newsies!

I have set up a account because I like reading books and playing games and other things that I then feel the urge to write about! This means also that you can tell me how wonderful/terrible/mediocre my story is and tell me what things I should do to make it gooder! You can also correct my grammar which is probably necessary! I should stop using exclamation marks! … Well that didn’t work. Anyway! (ahhhh) *thumbs up* (nothing’s there yet)

I think that is all the newsies.

I have not done much. [colon open bracket]

I will try to do much! [colon close bracket]

Diviner OUT! [penguin]

Excuses: school, homework, SNOOOOOOW (it snowed! LOTS!), piano exam (18th, wish me luck), distracting video games (curse you, hard puzzles on Professor Layton!).


  1. Hey, glad your back! Life is always full of chores. Welcome back to the SOTS Blogger's Club.

    Check out these links:

  2. YAAAAY! Alex is back! We missed you! ;)
    Too bad about NaNo, but, yeah, there's always next year. I didn't get to it at all.
    ( \

  3. @M.W.S: Thanks! I'll definitely check them out!

    @Sarah: Also thanks! And your penguin is awesome. Penguins are my favourite animals! ... That live on Earth. ;)


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