Saturday, 17 September 2011

Ich bin ein Kartoffelkopf

(It means “I am a potato head” in German.)


So, it’s been a month. Sorry, I’ve been busy, you don’t care about my excuses so I won’t write a ton about Krokotopia and school and everything.

I’ve had a fiddle with my template. (+10 stating-the-obvious points, Alex.) The header’s temporary, but I’ll have something nice up soon.

Anyway, I’m gonna be busy this term. Well, these two years. I have about five important exams this term or something. But I heard someone say once “If you want something to be done, ask a busy person.” So I’m going to get something done! I’ll be trying to post something like once a week this term at least. So look out for that, and you might see a bit more of TTOAS if you’re into that sort of thing. :D

I haven’t been playing on W101 much recently, but that’s probably gonna change. I’ll be blogging soon, honest!

Diviner OUT!


  1. Wenn Sie eine Kartoffel Kopf sind, dan bin ich ein mulmiges Kohl mit Erdnussen fur die Ohren. Willkommen zuruck!

    (Loose translation thanks to Google translate: If you are a potato head, than I am a moldy cabbage with peanuts for ears. Welcome back!)

  2. XD Warum, danke! (Why thank you!)

  3. I think I'm gonna stick to english but suddenly it says everything is spelled wrong and it is trying to translate to german (...I think). Oh well.
    WELCOME BACK!! I'll be keeping tabs on you to see if you really do post once a week (not that I have any doubt in you.......) :)

  4. Haha... Sorry. Sticking to English from now on... Good idea XD

    But you will have to keep tabs on me! If I don't post, you have to come here and tell me off okay? Because I do not trust myself to post regularly... naturally. I am a procrastinator... But I'll try! :D

  5. I love that little introduction thingy on the right. Brilliant


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