Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Return of the Diviner.

I don't know how else to put this.


Yeah, don't all scream with delight at once.
Did you miss me?
"No, Alex. Where the heckhound have you been?"
Well, my house, my school, between those two, my friend's--

"Not literally."
 So, we meet again, Wizard101 community. Last you heard from me, I was a several months younger, subscription-less, in possession of one less macbook pro, and significantly less enthusiastic. Since I've last seen you, I've been camping, walked up a volcano (ITALY), and had a rather rewarding birthday (see previously mentioned macbook pro). However, I have not played Wizard101, nor so much as made an attempt to reinstate my old subscription...


And now it's summer! I finished school just last week after an avalanche of exams and concerts and expeditions and I'm already bored. But, of course, there is too much to do to ever be bored. I mean, some of the things I have to do this holiday are:

  • Read books. (My target's 40, and so far I've read three.)
  • Watch movies. (I still haven't seen spiderman.)
  • Go outside lol just kidding (what even is "outside"?)
  • Build a TARDIS. (don't ask, I agreed to do it for maths)
This is going to be a good summer. Just bought a new month's subscription, and I am ready to return to the game. OH YES.

So what's happened in the game while I've been gone? Oh, a new world?

...AVALON? Does this mean what I think it means? Medieval! Knights! King Arthur! ADVENTURE! Swords! Mythical creatures! OH YES. I love arthurian legend. I like a lot of things, to be fair. BUT THIS IS AWESOME. Not gonna lie, I am mad excited for this. Well... when I complete Dragonspyre. And Celestia. And Zafaria. And probably Grizzleheim and Wintertusk too while I'm at it.


Now, I think there's one thing left I need to address, and probably the thing that most people who read/used to read this blog started/continued reading it for.

The Tale of Alexandra Stormrider.

Yeah. Haven't heard much of that for a while, have we?

HOWEVER. With eight weeks of time stretching ahead of me... the possibilities are endless... well. The story isn't endless. In fact, during this holiday...I might even end the story. Finish it. Write the last few parts. And voila! TTOAS will be done!

So. Wish me luck!

Diviner OUT! (for now!)

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